Vernashen and Gladzor Communities Voted Against Gladzor Mining Project

Vernashen and Gladzor Communities Voted Against Gladzor Mining Project


Vernashen and Gladzor communities voted against Gladzor mining project at the public hearings held on 6 December in Gladzor community. The voting was conducted in the form of signature collecting.

'Around 300 people took part in the hearings, out of which only 3 voted for the project, the rest were against it, ' said Vernashen Community Head Miqayel Baghdasaryan told in his phone interview with EcoLur. Vernashen Community Head informed they are going to send the results of the signature collection to 'Environmental Impact Expertise' SNCO of RA Nature Protection Ministry to attach it to the protocol. 'I'm sure this project will be rejected, as all peole were against it,' Miqayel Baghdasaryan outlined.

'Within 5 working days we will send our proposals and observations to 'Environmental Impact Expertise' SNCO of RA Nature Protection Ministry. If all this is taken into consideration, this project should be rejected,' Gladzor Community New Head Armen Movsisyan said.

''Vayq Metal' LLC intends to develop Gladzor mine.

Reminder: During previous two public hearings on this mining project both Vernashen and Gladzor communities voted against Gladzor mining project. As the villagers claim, if the mine is developed, their drinking and irrigation water will be polluted, while vineyards and orchards providing raw materials for Vernashen wine will dry out. Her-her, Malishka and Arpa Rivers will be polluted. Residents are also concerned with radiation risks. According to them, Gladzor mine was developed in the 1950-1960, then it was closed down. According to rumors, the cause of the closedown was high radiation background.

Gladzor mine is located in Vayots Dzor Region in a distance of 12 km from Yeghegnadzor Town. Nearby communities are Vernashen, Gladzor and Hermon communities.

The approved reserves of Gladzor polymetallic mine are as follows: Pb - 628.37 tons, Zn - 711.44 tons, Cu - 63.4 tons, Cd - 2605.3 tons, Ag - 201.18 tons, Au - 9789.0 tons – 4.34%, Zn- 4.92%, Cu-0.44%, Cd-0.018%, Ag-13.90 g/t, Au-0.68g/t).

The project submitted by “Vayq Metal” LLC says the mine will be developed in open and closed manners. The total duration of 3 open pit mining will make up for 2 years, when 106.000 tons of ore would be mined. In parallel with open pit mining development of underground lower horizons of the mine will be carried out.

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