MPs and NGOs Raised Disputable Matter - Amulsar Project at National Assembly

MPs and NGOs Raised Disputable Matter - Amulsar Project at National Assembly


The issues relating to Amuslar gold mining project were raised from the tribune of the National Assembly. The National Assembly was discussing the problems of specifically protected areas of nature.

“What’s the sense of establishing Jermuk National Park, if Amulsar mine should be developed nearby?” Environmentalist Silva Adamyan raised a question, which was answered by Aram Aghasyan, Head of Department for Management of Specifically Protected Areas of Nature of RA Nature Protection Ministry, “It’s a delicate question. On the one hand, we want to develop the economy, on the other hand, the specifically protected areas of nature. We should seek to minimize the impact, there is no other way.”

WWF Armenia Director Karen Manvelyan said, 'I think there are risks, cyanide use and water pollution problems. Jermuk National Park is envisaged and there is such international experience for to some extent mitigation of the adversary effect of the mine. The most important thing is to carry out responsible mining.'

'Yelq' Faction MP Lena Nazaryan mentioned in her speech, 'In Armenia, any wide-scale mining project is a political decision. Though the country leadership is aware that Amulsar ores contain the huge potential for acid formation, acidic drainage, the hazard for water pollution, this project is moving unbiasedly forward.'

17:43 December 01, 2017


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