International Experts To Examine Probable Impact of Amulsar Project on Water

International Experts To Examine Probable Impact of Amulsar Project on Water


RA Nature Protection Minister Erik Grigoryan stated that the visit of the representatives of a prestigious international organization is planned to Armenia to examine the probable impact of Amulsar project on water.

‘On 17 September, we are expecting the visit of quite a prestigious international organization to Armenia, with whom we have the arrangement to examine geological, hydrogeological and, in general, all probable impact on water. All this will be performed at our expenses: the experts shall come, appraise and submit a price proposal, afterward, I think the government will allocate certain funds so as the government eventually obtains answers to certain questions. It is the absence of these examinations that arises lack of sufficient information for Armenia to decide to what extent these risks are manageable or not. I personally think that the impact of Amulsar project on water resources is the main problem to be studied,’ Erik Grigoryan said.

Referring to ‘Environmental Impact Expert Assessment Center’ SNCO having issued a positive opinion to Amulsar project, the Minister said, “Amulsar project, the EIA of which has been drafted by numerous institutions and huge amounts of money has been spent on it, while only one expert has issued a statement to it. The SNCO issuing statements has only 5-6 experts and we are far from the idea that these experts have sufficient knowledge to appraise these different and various studies in qualitative and content-related manner. For this reason, when there are examinations submitted on isotope or modeled groundwater, we should acknowledge that there wasn’t any capacity to appraise them and this expert assessment had more fictitious nature.

September 07, 2018 at 20:16