Hearings in Kapan on "AGAPE" Project On Exploration of Oil and Gas Postponed

Hearings in Kapan on


The public hearings on the gas and oil exploration submitted by “AGAPE” LLC in Kapan have been postponed upon Kapan Community Head Gevorg Parsyan’s proposal. Before the launch of the hearings, the active local society had boycotted the holding of the hearings and had an arrangement with Mayor that a discussion would be held in the hall, which won’t be considered as a public discussion. During the discussions, proposals were raised to decide via a referendum whether or not to allow the company to perform its works. A couple of people were proposing to give consent for the exploration of oil and gas.

“AGAPE” LLC CEO Hrach Jabrayan said that 35 million will be invested for the exploration of oil and gas. “If there is oil and gas detected in Armenia it will completely change the history of Armenia,” Hrach Jabrayan said. Most of the people in the hall were against the operation of the company having eye witnessed the adverse impact of the mining companies on the environment in the region.

In reply to EcoLur’s question whether the company will mine oil if reserves are detected in specifically protected areas of nature, RA Nature Protection Ministry expert Zara Zurnachyan said, “Definitely it won’t be allowed.”

Today’s second public discussion was the last public discussion laid down with the law, nevertheless, it was postponed upon Mayor’s proposal.

17:28 November 05, 2018


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