Video on Discussions of Working Group on ZCMC Activities in Syuniq

Video on Discussions of Working Group on ZCMC Activities in Syuniq


The working group established by the Armenian Prime Minister aimed to support the introduction and implementation of accountable mining is already examining the activities of the ZCMC. The group has been divided into two parts: one in Yerevan and another in Syunik. The group in Syunik includes the representatives of local active society and communities. The works in Yerevan have just been launched, while several meetings have already been held in Syunik Region and the video of the last meeting is available below. The group has several goals to achieve, particularly to examine the problems in regard to the development of Artsvanik tailing dump, the preservation of the fertile layers of the land, volumes of exports, the availability of valuable metals contained in the ore, their appraisal, tree felling, safety and preventative measures in case of accidents etc.

The positive expert opinion issued to the EIA of the ZCMC is also subject to examination, the compliance of the EIA to the domestic legislation, international conventions, and standards. Particularly, the risks and the impact on the environment shall be assessed.

The axis of the examination will be the volumes of ore export by the ZCMC and the availability of precious metals and its compliance with the documentation package issued by the government.

November 09, 2018 at 18:07