Financial Data of "GeoProMining Data" LLC Publicised

Financial Data of


Within the frames of the EITI, the first national EITI report publicised the financial reports of the metallic mining companies operating in Armenia for 2016 and 2017, including the financial reports  of “GeoProMining” LLC operating Sotq gold mining.

Data relating to particularly the production, export, payment of taxes, payment of environmental and nature management fees, social program etc have been publicised. These data have been summarized in the information package primed by Harutyun Movsisyan, an expert of “Mining-impacted Communities – Full Participants in EITI Process” project carried out by EcoLur, which has been presented in Sotq residential area of Geghamasar Community, Gegharkounik Region.

You can download the infopack here.

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18:20 May 08, 2019


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