Jermuk Residents Fighting for Their Rights: Rally in Jermuk

Jermuk Residents Fighting for Their Rights: Rally in Jermuk


A rally was held in Jermuk optimized community, Vayots Dzor Region, to rescue Amulsar on 11 May. The same day hundreds of cars from different regions in Armenia and Yerevan arrived in Jermuk to support Amulsar protectors, who have been blocking the road leading to Amulsar for 11 months now allowing the employees of “Lydian Armenia” Company to approach the mine. On 22 June 2018, the residents of Jermuk Community said their firm “no” to mining and organized a signature collection in the course of 11 months: a Jermuk community resident wants to live in an eco-economic area and doesn’t allow the operation of Amulsar mining. These 3000 signatures are a  live barrier for all those organizations who would like to start mining in Amulsar or in any other mountain,” said Aharon Arsenyan, a Jermuk resident and a participant of the fight for the protection of Amulsar.

Rima Sargsyan, a participant of the fight for the protection of Amulsar, said that Amulsar project is a short-time benefit owned by few.

Ex Jermuk Mayor Rubik Markosyan mentioned several reasons in his speech why Jermuk residents are against this project.

“We will oppose as Amulsar metallic mining will be disastrous for the country and the communities adjacent to Jermuk making it an area of disasters and diseases. We will oppose as mining will disturb the modus operandi of a resort town with a history of around 70 years,” he mentioned.

Gndevaz resident, journalist Tehmine Yenoqyan said, “Human rights can’t be violated: we are fighting for our rights and recovery of dignity. We are addressing the government: this is your touchstone – one year ago you stated that people are the owner of the country and the authority belongs to us.  We believed in you and we continue believing and enhancing our position – Amulsar won’t become a mine.”

Jermuk residents expressed their position in their letter addressed to the Armenian Prime Minister, Government and National Assembly. In their letter, they state that the fight of Jermuk community is not only for the sake of the environment but for the protection of their violated rights.


18:32 May 13, 2019


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