Yeghegnadzor Joined Communities Having Rejected Metallic Mining

Yeghegnadzor Joined Communities Having Rejected Metallic Mining

Armenian Environmental Front

On 23 May 2019, the Yeghegnadzor Aldermen’s Council adopted a resolution on making the community an environmental and economic area and banning metallic mining in the community, which was adopted with 6 votes for, one-against and one-abstention.

It should be mentioned that on 3 May Yeghegnadzor residents submitted a collective petition to the community head and Aldermen’s Council. The petition was supported with the signatures of around 2500 residents, who claimed:

1 To adopt a resolution, which will ban and in future exclude carrying out prospecting and mining operations related to metallic mining in the administrative area of Yeghegnadzor community and in Vayots Dzor Region, in general. 

2 With the involvement of community members, to develop a complex project on the development of ecologically sustainable and green economy for Yeghegnadzor and Vayots Dzor Region, and we are willing to support the state governance and local government bodies in the implementation of this project.

You can read the entire petition here.

So far four communities in Armenia have come up with the initiative not to allow metallic mining in their natural environments – Noveyberyan in the spring of 2018 and Jermuk in the fall of 2018, Gladzor in April 2019 and Areni in May 2019. The Aldermen’s Councils have approved the expression of people’s will with their relevant resolutions.

13:48 May 27, 2019


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