Dams of Nahatak Tailing Dump Are Again Raised, Competent Bodies Keeping Silence

Dams of Nahatak Tailing Dump Are Again Raised, Competent Bodies Keeping Silence


The negative impact of the operations of “Akhtala Ore Processing Plant” CJSC on the residential areas optimized in Akhtala Community have been highlighted many times. These days EcoLur’s team was again in the community – the dams of “Nahatak” tailing dump are again rising to increase the volume of the tailing dump.

Now the tailing dump is located higher than Mets Ayrum-Tchotchkan intracommunity road. Because of the rise in the dams, the main spring of the drinking water in Mets Ayrum residential area is left in the lower part of the tailing dump and it is already impossible to use it. As a compensation, the combine has constructed a water spring at a distance of several dozens of meters from the tailing dump, nevertheless, the residents didn’t have any guarantee about its quality.

Nahatak Tailing Dump has a point of yield for treated water, nevertheless, as the residents told us this water most probably flows into the Debed River instead of returning to the combine through a special pipe.

At the same time, the tailing dump doesn’t have an entire fence and pets and domestic cattle can approach the tailing dump without any obstacles.

The residents of Mets Ayrum don’t feel safe living next to the tailing dump.

Nazik Tailing Dump of “Akhtala Ore Processing Plant” CJSC which is located directly next to Akhtala Monastery is closed down. Nevertheless, the tails get mixed with rainwater in the course of the rainfalls and fill into the Debed River.

18:44 May 30, 2019


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