Ombudsman Demanded Clarifications from Police for Anna Shahnazaryan's Case

Ombudsman Demanded Clarifications from Police for Anna Shahnazaryan's Case


The office of RA Human Rights Defender asked for clarifications from the police in regard to environmental activist Anna Shahnazaryan’s case. The press release disseminated by the Ombudsman says:

“On its own initiative, the office of RA Human Rights Defender initiated discussion procedure as soon as it received information about the detention of Anna Shahnazaryan, a member of “Armenian Environmental Front” Civic Initiative and publishing concerns in this regard.

Within the frames of the initiated discussion the first task was getting in touch with Anna Shahnazaryan who informed in a written complaint that while detaining her the policemen didn’t present the causes and grounds, her procedural status and underlying rights. According to her, the policemen seized also the property of the participants of the protest demonstration without any grounds (poster, table, chair and leaflets), as well as all donated money. Under her, policemen informed her she was taken to police division on the suspicion of fraud as the policemen had told her. As she claims the police hindered her public activities with this action. A letter has been addressed to RA Police requiring to give relevant clarifications and posing certain questions.

Reminder: Anna Shahnazaryan was detained and taken to Kentron Police Devision on 7 July for fundraising together with the volunteers of Armenian Environmental Front to support Amuslar protectors near the statue of Aram Khachatryan.

14:22 July 09, 2019


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