One of Problems with Reclaiming Nahatak Tailing Dump Is To Find Soil

One of Problems with Reclaiming Nahatak Tailing Dump Is To Find Soil


The first open public hearings on the EIA of "Nahatak" tailing dump submitted by Akhtala Ore Processing Plant CJSC took place in Akhtala on July 28.

"We must carry out phase-by-phase reclamation, starting with drying the tails. There are two options: either we have to discharge the water into the river or we have to wait for it to evaporate so that it does not affect the water basin. According to our calculations, the evaporation will last about 7 months," Samvel Khachatryan, Director of Akhtala Ore Processing Plant, said during the public hearing.

"Regardless of the fact whether or not he mine will operate, we will start reclaiming the foots: we have to find soil, there is soil dug out during the road construction, we will make use of that soil. 50-centimeter soil is enough to be put on, but we are concerned with rains,” Samvel Khachatran said.

The area subject to reclamation of "Nahatak" tailing dump is 17.83 hectares. The project envisages dividing the tailing dump area into three parts, and the reclamation works will be carried out in two stages. In the first stage, the factual dry surface of the tailing dump (3.54 ha) - the dried horizontal platform (7.41 ha) will be reclaimed, and in the second stage, the currently not yet dried platform and the pond under the dam (6.88 ha). General reclamation works will take 2 years and 4 months.

Quarterly river water monitoring and semestrial soil pollution monitoring should be carried out in the area of the Nahatak tailing dump within 5 years after its reclamation.

The cost of land and water monitoring will be 2,416,800 AMD per year, and 12,84,000 AMD for five years. The estimated cost of mining and biological reclamation works together with value added tax (VAT) will make 597,851, 800 AMD.

The details of the hearings are available in the video by Oleg Dulgaryan, President of “Community Mobilization and Support Center”.

19:34 July 29, 2020


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