Frozen Status of Fioletovo Mining Expertise Can Be Melted Down

Frozen Status of Fioletovo Mining Expertise Can Be Melted Down


The issue of Fioletovo gold mining project continues remaining worrying for several reasons: Fioletovo open pit mining submitted by “Grade Redmet” Company high risks of environmental pollution, which are not laid down in the project in any way. Information in the project is marred starting from gold concentration. Under the project, gold concentration is from 2.5 g to 5.5 g, but if to compare these data with the scientific data (F. G. SHAMTSYAN, S. U. VARTANYAN, ABOUT GOLD CONTAINING STRUCTURE AND PROSPECTS OF SOUTH EASTERN AND CENTRAL PARTS OF SEVAN–AMASSIYA TECTONIC ZONE IN ARMENIA, Yerevan State University, 3, 2010), the article says completely different figures - 1.7-2.4-2.7 g of gold per ton. Taking into consideration that the company hadn’t carried out any prospecting before the environmental expertise, it’s clear that official sources were used, but the company project figures are overstated by twice.

The project doesn’t say anything about accompanying metals (besides silver), the presence of which bears high pollution risks during ore crushing. Sotq mine has similar geological formations, while as a result of Sotq mine, Masrik and Sotq – rivers in the Sevan basin, were polluted with such elements as cadmium, vanadium and antimony. The concentration of vanadium in Lake Sevan exceeds the MPC by 5-8 times, which is a highly toxic element and an indicator of chemical pollution in developed European countries.

Thus, the main artery of Tavush Region, Aghstev River, is undermined, as its right bank is considered to be gold-bearing. Dilijan National Park neighboring with Fioletovo is also endangered. Under the project, mining wastes make up 3 million cum, which will be dumped in an area of 4 ha. As a matter of fact, these are industrial wastes – crushed and spread into environment polluting the area with a radius of 25-30 km from the center. In case of mining pollution areas take place in such scales.

Fioletovo mine has “gold” relatives nearby in Dilijan. Dilijan gold mine is similar to Fioletovo mine with its parameters. And consequently, “green” light for Fioletovo means another green light for Dilijan gold mine.

2. We would like to draw attention to the procedure of environmental expertise, which is not expertise, as a matter of fact, but has a nature of political decisions, as all the mining projects in Armenia. In case of Fioletovo, the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the OSCE Office in Yerevan supported the villagers. The real owners of “Grade RedMet” LLC are another issue. We learn about them from the mass media: “License on prospecting the area in the village by “Grade RedMet” LLC was issued in 2005. The founders of the company are Hasmik Harutyunyan, Mairen Batoyan and Vardan Markaryan. The permit for geoprospecting was issued to the company when Nature Protection Minister was Vardan Ayvazyan, currently an MP and Chairman of the Standing Committee on Economy. Hasmik Harutyunyan is Yervand Hovhannisyan’s wife, who held the position of Head of Mine Surveyor Control Department at Nature Protection Ministry during Vardan Ayvazyan’s office. Mairen Batoyan is Vardan Ayvazyan’s wife’s friend and his countrywoman. Vardan Margaryan is the owner and director of “Meghradzor Gold” Company developing Meghradzor mine.

Vardan Ayvazyan owns several mines and has already sold his rights to developing Hrazdan iron mine, Svarants and Abovyan mines to Chinese “Fortune Oil”. The Chinese got from Ayvazyan an expired documentation package for Hrazdan mine. People in Fioletovo say the Chinese also deal with transaction (information is not checked). We don’t exclude that the Chinese will try to compensate their damage from 3 huge but non-perspective iron mines with small gold mines.”

18:12 February 04, 2015


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