Fioletovo Gold Mining Matter Again Open

Fioletovo Gold Mining Matter Again Open


“On 7 December the meeting of the miners with the villagers took place. According to the villagers, gold miners, who had arrived from Hrazdan, offered this time not 2% of the profit, but 25% and promised to employ in the mine. Nevertheless, Fielotovo villagers unanimously opposed to the project, Fioletovo Village Head Aleksei Novikov also expressed his negative opinion on mining. In the end the miners pointed out that the mine will be developed one day, if not by them, then by others, as such wealth can’t remain under the groud.

Villagers got angry and assured, if the mine is developed without their agreement, they will take all the measures, will li on the road and block any kind of activity.” Aarhus Center Coordinator Manya Meliqjanyan wrote about it on website.

In 2014 “Grade RedMet” LLC submitted Fioletovo mining project for environmental expertise to Nature Protection Ministry. At that time Fioletovo residents and environmentalists opposed to the mining.

The villagers addressed letters complaining about mining to RA President, Prime Minister, Nature Protection Minister, RF Ambassador in Armenia and the OSCE Office in Yerevan. A public wave of protests arose, which resulted in the suspension of Fioletovo mining project expertise by “Grade RedMet” LLC.

15:44 December 14, 2016


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