Hiking - Marching to Amulsar on April 28: AEF

Hiking - Marching to Amulsar on April 28: AEF

Armenian Environmental Front (AEF)

Amulsar is one of the peaks of Zangezur mountain range; it has a height of 2987 meters and is located on the border of Vayots Dzor and Syunik marzes. The area of Amulsar is a source to numerous potable and mineral waters, as well as to Arpa, Vorotan and Darb rivers, which are the main watercourses of Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions. These rivers irrigate hundreds of hectares of vineyards and orchards and other lands. Also the best Armenian wines are produced in the Arpa River valley. Several km away from Amulsar are situated Spandaryan and Kechut water reservoirs, which are connected to Lake Sevan by Vorotan-Arpa-Sevan tunnel. This tunnel can transport up to 415 million cubic meters of water annually to Lake Sevan. Jermuk's famous mineral waters, which have turned this region into a popular resort, are nearby Amulsar, too.

Right here, in the heart of the waters of Armenia, “Lydian” offshore company, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, wants to extract gold. The residents of these areas, environmentalists, public figures, the best specialists in the field, and foreign scientists have claimed that the opening of the mine at Amulsar and the inevitable pollution and loss of land and water would be fatal not only for Vayots Dzor and northern Syunik, but for whole Armenia and for the wider region.

Thanks to the civic struggles, mine exploitation is being delayed for 7 years already, from 2011 to today. Earlier this year all we witnessed the collapse of the Teghut mining project - another harshly criticized project which faced a strong public resistance for over a decade. All of the gloomy predictions, all the warnings of the environmentalists eventually came true in Teghut. Today, Amulsar mining company gives the same promises that were given by Teghut mining company a few years ago.

By going to Amulsar on April 28, we aim to raise the awareness of the local residents about the dangers of the gold-mining project and about the ongoing resistance. Moreover, we also aim to raise a joint voice of protest and to declare the demand of preserving Amulsar. The participation of each and every individual is very important, our quantity will have a significant impact as the media outlets will be shared internationally; and any action of protest and resistance affects Lydian's reputation and reduces profit expectations of the investors.

The program
We will move from Yerevan, we’ll stop at several key points on the road to talk with local residents and raise the issue. In Jermuk, we will perform “The end of the evil” fairy tale. Our way back will be through Selim mountain pass and Lake Sevan coast, which is also in the area of impact of the Amulsar project.

What to bring with You?
The walk will be easy, no special physical training is needed. Comfortable clothing in the principle of onion (several layers for different weather conditions), sneakers, a hat and a backpack with one-day supply of water and food will make the hike pleasurable for you.

On your own initiative, you can prepare and bring posters, leaflets, masks or outfit of bezoar goats, bears or other animals, birds and plants … let your imagination to lead you.

About coming with children
There are no restrictions against participation of children, just keep in mind that the road will be long, we have to spend a lot of time in the bus, the time to rest in the nature will be short.

Transportation and payment
There are two options:
1. You can join in your car, and if you have free places, then pick up other participants.
2. There will also be a bus.
The cost for each person will be 3000 drams, which will pay the expenses for the bus and fuel for those who will drive on their own cars.

Please be sure to register beforehand by any of the following ways:
1. Call 099 53 05 88, 093402849.
2. Write a personal message to the Հայկական բնապահպանական ճակատ / Armenian Environmental Front.
3. Write an e-mail to [email protected]
Please, mention you name, surname and phone number. If you plan to join with your own car, then please, mention the number of available seats. The registration deadline is April 27 12։00.

16:51 April 26, 2018


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