Armenian President Banned, While Geopromining Gold Went on

Armenian President Banned, While Geopromining Gold Went on


 The participants of the public discussions in Sotq Village demanded to demolish the crusher in Sotq and to punish Geopromining Gold Company for illegal civil works in the drainage basin of Lake Sevan.

The petition has been sent to Nature Protection Ministry, Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, the Committee to Lake Sevan Issues by the President of Armenia. Copies were sent to Geopromining Gold and Gegharkounik Regional Municipality.

The discussion of constructing a crushing and sorting complex in the administrative territory of Sotq Village was held in Sotq Village on 19 April with the participation of Sotq, Azat and Kout villagers, “Sevan” National Park representatives, Gegharkounik region administration, the Aarhus Center in Gavar, “EcoLur” NGO, “Transparency International” Anticorruption Center, “Center for Bird Lovers”, “the Center for Regional Development and Research”, Armenian – Russian Slavic University, “Ar” TV, “Azatutyun” Radio Station and electronic bulletin.

Geopromining Director General Vladimir Kozlov rejected the invitation of the Aarhus Center in Gavar to take part in the hearings through the company’s press secretary: “We asked the company to have the hearings held at their place in Sotq. Nevertheless, Press Secretary Ruzanna Grigoryan told us as far as they don’t have their documents prepared, they can’t tell us anything. As soon as we have the documents prepared, we will ourselves hold public hearings,” said Liana Asoyan, the Coordinator for Aarhus Center in Gavar, “this proves this construction is illegal from the very beginning.”

“The President himself is concerned with this issue, while the company is already is constructing. Any activities that may have negative impact on Sevan ecosystem is prohibited in Lake Sevan basin. What are you talking about? This complex both crushes and sorts out with washing ore with water. Thus water will wash away all toxic substances into Sevan. This will be the end of Sevan,” said Nshan Stepanyan, Chief Specialist at Agriculture and Nature Protection Department of Gegharkounik Regional Municipality.

Sotq Village Head Kolik Shahsouvaryan said they didn’t reach any arrangements with the company. “I have applied to the company, and we are still in negotiations, while the construction has already launched.”  

The participants came to the conclusion that Geopromining Gold is constructing a real ore processing factory masked under a crusher that violated Article 10 of RA Law “On Lake Sevan” forbidding any ore processing activity in Lake Sevan drainage basin.

Reminder: Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan in fall 2009 showed his political will and opposed to the transfer of Geopromining Gold Company to Sotq. Committee on Lake Sevan Issues by the President of Armenia Vladimir Movsisyan and Nature Protection Minister Aram Harutyunyan made this official statement.

May 02, 2011 at 11:14