Large March Held in Yerevan In Support of Amulsar

Large March Held in Yerevan In Support of Amulsar


A large march was held in Yerevan today in support of Amulsar. The crowd marched from different parts of the capital and joined on Liberty Square. Residents of Jermuk town in Vayots Dzor Region, affected by the Amulsar Gold Project, also joined the march. They in turn organized a car march from Jermuk to Yerevan.

The marchers are demanding that the government annuls the endorsement of the EIA document by Lydian, the author of the Amulsar Gold Project, demanding that the company remove the remaining construction equipment in the Amulsar area and repair any damage already incurred, as well as reviewing implementation permits issued by the previous authorities.

Photos by Green Armenia NGO
Videos by Tehmine Yenoqyan

22:48 September 14, 2019


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