Dilijan Supporting Protest by Sotq Villagers

Dilijan Supporting Protest by Sotq Villagers


Dilijan activists has also joined the protests by Sotq villagers against the installation of crushing and sorting complex in Sotq: 50 activists have put their signatures under the open letter. Dilijan residents were concerned with the illegal activities of GeoProMining Gold Company which is constructing the crushing and sorting complex in the drainage basin of Lake Sevan which bears high risks of polluting with heavy metals both Sotq Village territory, and Sevan where the Sotq River flows into. The letter from Sotq Villager addressed still in April to the heads of accountable ministries and departments says that the construction is illegal and the project doesn’t have any positive opinion from the state environmental expert center, doesn’t have any permits and violates RA Law “On Lake Sevan.”

But instead of officials who have officially assumed to preserve Sevan, the support was assisted from neighboring Dilijan: people who acknowledge that Sevan is national wealth and guarantee for national security.

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September 09, 2011 at 12:23