New Open Mine in Jermuk Administrative Area

New Open Mine in Jermuk Administrative Area


“Arsqar” LLC intends to develop Jermuk basalt mine in Jermuk administrative area. According to the project, “Jermuk basalt mine is outside the boundaries of “Jermuk” hydrological and “HerHer Open Forests” state reserves, therefore, mining works won’t adversely affect the environmental balance of specially protected areas of nature.”

It should be mentioned that the Armenian Government is establishing “Jermuk” National Park by uniting “HerHer Open Forests”, “Jermuk Forest Reserve” and “Jermuk Hydrological Reserve”. The boundaries of the national park haven’t been specified yet and it’s still unclear what the distance will be from the mines.

“As soon as the works on establishing “Jermuk” National Park will be launched, the first activity will be mapping,” RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said and noted that any initiative near the boundaries of the specially protected nature will undergo in-detailed examination in line environmental impact expertise regulations.

Over 220 species of vertebrates can be met in the area of Jermuk basalt mine, included red-listed ones. According to the project, the impact of mining on flora and fauna is almost negligible. The estimates reserves of the mine are 1304.5 m3, the annual productivity of the mine is estimated 3000 m3. The alienation area of the open mine is around 1 ha. The founder of “Arsqar” LLC is Anastas Arsenyan.

February 15, 2017 at 14:18