Positive Opinion to "Polymetal" for Searching Metals in 20 Residential Areas in Syunik Region

Positive Opinion to


RA Nature Protection Ministry issued a positive opinion to the project submitted by 'PolyArm' LLC of Russian 'Polymetal' Group on searching for gold, copper, silver, lead and zinc in the territory of 20 residential areas of 3 communities in Syunik Region. The company has called all the areas together as Kapan platform, which includes Aghvan, Atchanan, Antarashat, Arajadzor, Geghanusg, Yegheg, Kapan, Dzorastan, Nerqin Khotanan, Norashenik, Shrvenants, Sevaqar, Vaneq, Tandzaver, Tavrus and Okhtar residential areas of Kapan community, Bardzravan and Shotnukh residential areas of Goris community and Qashuni residential area of Tatev community.

"Polymetal" Entered Armenia in 2015 and obtained the right to "Litchqvaz" CJSC, which has a soil management right to Litchqvaz-Tey gold mine. In 2016 the company purchased 'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC at US $ 25 million.

18:40 January 15, 2018


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