RA Government Staff Head on Amulsar Problem: We Are in Decision-Making Stage

RA Government Staff Head on Amulsar Problem: We Are in Decision-Making Stage

Amulsar issue is in the focus of the government: the government is taking concrete actions, including ones aimed to regulate the legal field, as RA Government Staff Head Eduard Aghajanyan mentioned in his conversation with journalists on September 3, referring to the observation that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan does not react in any way to the recent events around Amulsar.

"There were several processes related to Amulsar in different bodies, in particular, cases have been investigated in the investigative bodies since 2019 until today. You know that within the law and, in general, the legal field in the mining industry can, in fact, be declared non-existent, which the caution of the government in decision-making is conditioned with, because we know that any decision can have certain legal consequences - not that much for the political team, but in the context of the international rating of the Republic of Armenia. Accordingly, we are at the stage of reaching those decisions. We recently had a consultation on this topic," Eduard Aghajanyan said.

Eduard Aghajanyan emphasized that at present the Office for Coordination of Inspection Bodies has submitted a package of laws to the National Assembly, which proposes rather large regulations in this sphere. "They will grant the inspection body clear grounds to carry out certain actions based on specific situations, the possibility of which the inspection bodies do not have under the current legislation. Besides that, Environment Ministry, headed by the newly appointed Minister, is taking certain actions, I think that in the near future we will have some notions and we will present them to the public accordingly."

Eduard Aghajanyan responded to the observation whether the Government is concerned that the sharp statement will lead to resistance. "The government is only concerned with the interests of Armenia. And the only factor RA government is guided with is the interests of Armenia.”

September 04, 2020 at 15:53