Vanadzor Exposed to Qaraberd Gold Mining Impact

Vanadzor Exposed to Qaraberd Gold Mining Impact

"For about two weeks now, ore has been illegally extracted from the territory of Qaraberd gold mine in Lori Region. The extracted ore is taken to Vanadzor railway station, where the ore is crashed and transported by train to Ararat Region (ed. Ararat Gold Mining Factory),” Vanadzor residents are beating an alarm signal to EcoLur.

The explosions in the mine can be heard in Vanadzor, and a dust cloud is spreading over the regional center due to the mining works located at the railway station.

"Work on the mine started two weeks ago. In recent days, they have been working more actively day and night” Vanadzor resident Gevorg Vardanyan said.

He mentioned that the mountain where Qaraberd gold mine is located is visible from Vanadzor. Locals noticed the movement of trucks in the area of ​​the mine, and then their accumulation in the area of​​the railway station.

"They rented the territory of the South Caucasus Railway and installed their mill. They bring it to the central part of the city and grind the ore. No one can imagine what the city will be like in five years. On the day of the previous explosion, it rained. There was green mud on the cars," he said.

The right of soil management of the central part of Qaraberd gold mine belongs to "ASSAT" LLC. Back in 2020, Qaraberd Community Head, Yurik Shavelyan, told EcoLur that the company had not carried out any work in the mine area since 2014. In 2016, by the decision of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ararat and Vayots Dzor Regions dated on 05.10.2016, it was declared bankrupt, and the bankruptcy process began in 2018.

Pursuant to Article 20(7) of RA Law on Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise, the conclusion of the environmental expertise issued in 2012 for the operation of the central site of Qaraberd gold mine should be declared invalid, as the company has not carried out mining for about 7 years.

According to Vanadzor residents, Lusajur Ventures Invest LLC is carrying out works at Qaraberd gold mine. According to the information published on the website of RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, the company named "Lusajur Ventures Invest" has no soil management right as of March 15, 2021, and the right to extract Qaraberd gold mine belongs to "ASSAT".

May 04, 2021 at 15:05