Public Discussions on Project Submitted by "Hayasa Resources Corp" LLC to Search for Precious Metals in Mine Held in Urasar and Pushkino

Public Discussions on Project Submitted by "Hayasa Resources Corp" LLC to Search for Precious Metals in Mine Held in Urasar and Pushkino

Public discussions on the project submitted by "Hayasa Resources Corp" LLC to search for precious metals in the mine were held in Urasar and Pushkino.

On October 28, 2022, at 2:30 p.m., the second public discussions for preliminary environmental impact assessment application for the geological study of gold-polymetallic mining of Hanqakutak and adjacent sites of "Hayasa Resources Corp" LLC will take place at the residence of Administrative Head of Pushkino settlement, Gyulagarak community, Lori Region.

The requested area is included in the administrative boundaries of Urasar and Pushkino settlements.

Prospecting operations are planned to be carried out within 3392 hectares. They will search for gold, silver, copper, zinc and lead. Under the project, all surface excavations will be located at a distance of up to 32 meters from the areas of water protection zones. 20 wells with a depth of 200 meters will be drilled.

Nazik Mkrtchyan, an expert of "Environmental Impact Assessment Center" of RA Environment Ministry, said: "After this stage, an examination opinion must be issued within 30 days," Nazik Mkrtchyan said.

She asked the residents if there are any surface water streams or springs in the requested area. "Naturally, there are. Our rivers originate from that area. Not polluting the river is out of question. There are also pastures there. It's mainly water and pastures," the residents responded.

"If you find raw materials there, it will be destroyed, and if it is destroyed, the only green light we have in our village is our river...If we refuse from our river, it means closing the gates of this village," Administrative Head of settlement said.

 "If you have to demolish it and give it to another country for pennies, it doesn't affect us... If a Canadian doesn't make a profit, why does he need come to Armenia to do that work..." a community resident noted.

"We are planting trees. We want to make our village a touristic village. We have a small river. We are more in favor of greening instead of demolishing," Administrative Head of settlement said.

 Director of "Hayasa Resources Corp" LLC Hovhannes Karapetyan promised, "We will do 100,000 USD social programs in three years for Stepanavan and Gyulagarak communities, depending on what the communities will present."

Expert Nazik Mkrtchyan addressed Administrative Head of Pushkino settlement: "Submit your proposals and opinions within 5 working days to "Environmental Impact Expert Assessment Center" SNCO.”

"You should record that the majority of the people are categorically against it. At the end it will turn out that you have to open a mine, mine waste is in front of me," the resident said.

"I serve for our population, and their opinion is very important to me," Administrative Head of settlement said.

Public discussions were moved to Pushkino settlement. The administrative head and several residents were present here. Julia Amiraghyan from "Center for Community Mobilization and Support" NGO, noted that the public discussion should not be held without the participation of residents.  "There are always too few people attending the hearings," Administrative Head of Pushkino settlement responded.

The administrative head of Pushkino said that there are no water sources, forest areas in the requested area, the cattle are not taken to graze in those mountains.

According to Rick Brown, Vice President on Business Development at Canadian public company Fremond Gold Ltd., 100% owner of Hayasa Resources Corp. LLC, drilling can only have some environmental impact. "We have that experience, we have fully fulfilled our obligations, no problems have arisen during our activities," he assured.

The community should submit its opinion "Environmental Impact Expert Assessment Center" SNCO.

 It should be noted that this is the third attempt by "Hayasa Resources Corp" LLC to obtain consent to prospect the gold-multi-polymetallic field of Hanqakutak and adjacent areas. 

The 100% owner of "Hayasa Resources Corp" LLC, founded in 2021, is the Canadian public company "Fremond Gold Ltd", founded in 2017. It is run by Dennis Moore, a Portuguese national. He was also the 85% shareholder of "Mendia Resources" LLC, which claims to conduct prospecting works in the polymetallic mining site of Vardenis, Vayots Dzor Region,  which the residents expressed their opposition to.  

October 28, 2022 at 16:27