11:38 August 30, 2018 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Լոռի
The company is assuring that it will reinforce the dam under the tailing dump and it may also construct a dam in the new area designed for the tailing dump
Lydian Armenia Company Inspection Results To be Available Soon
12:23 August 27, 2018 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն
On 27 August the results of the inspections in Amulsar gold mine must be summarized, which develops “Lydian Armenia” CJSC and the results of the investigations of the working
Nahatak Tailing Dump Owned by
15:32 August 17, 2018 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Լոռի
The operation of Nahatak Tailing Dump owned by "Akhtala OPC" CJSC is planned to be stopped by January-March 2019, afterward it will be reclaimed. The preliminary estimated costs of the reclaiming works will make up 200 million AMD. This is what "Akhtala OPC" CJSC


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