15:27 January 31, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Սյունիք
The company wants to receive water use permit of the water intake from Ayrijur Tributary to the Meghri River from Water Resources Management Agency of RA Nature Protection Ministry
Jermuk Aldermen's Council Rejected Proposal of Armenian Government to Abolish Resolution on Banning Metallic Mining in Community Area
14:07 January 31, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Վայոց ձոր
At its extraordinary meeting on 31 January, Jermuk Aldermen's Council rejected the proposal made by Minister for Territorial Administration and Development Suren Papikyan to abolish the previous resolution on banning metallic mining in the area of the community
Over 70 Mining Companies Received Warnings
12:07 January 31, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն
Around 12 companies dealing with metallic mining and around 60 non-metallic mining companies have been issued warning
Who Is Responsible for Pollution of Atchanan River?
18:57 January 30, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Սյունիք
This disastrous picture is due to the wastewater flowing into the Atchanan River from the pipes of Qajaran Combine thus eliminating not only fish but also making the lives of the locals unbearable
European NGOs Sent Letter to PM Nikol Pashinyan Supporting Locals Opposing Against Amulsar Project
16:16 January 23, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Վայոց ձոր
Over 40 European and International NGOs and associations sent a letter to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan, where they express their support to the residents of Jermuk, Gndevaz and Ketchout, the activists and representatives of the civil society so as the Armenian Government to act on the Amulsar mine project for the benefit of people and environment

15:32 January 22, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Սյունիք
"Georade" will search for gold in Sisian Community in Syunik Region in the territory of Shaghat, Brnakot and Salvard residential areas. In November 2018, RA Nature Protection
Government Doesn't Hurry To Comment on Dismissal of RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Head
13:21 January 22, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Կոտայք | Սյունիք | Վայոց ձոր | Երեւան
The Staff of the Armenian Government doesn't hurry to comment on the dismissal of already Ex-Head of RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Arthur Grigoryan. After the second day of the attempts to receive clarifications, Assistant to Staff Head of the Armenian Government Narine Mnatsakanyan told EcoLur
Mentions VTB Bank and Investors Can't Start Teghout Mining: Vallex Contradicting
18:29 January 18, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Լոռի
On 17 January, MP from 'My step' faction Aren Mkrtchyan stated in the National Assembly that Russian VTB Bank and the investor residing in Russia can't start Teghout mining process, as there is a court proceeding that
Aram Harutyunyan Involved as Accused in Bribery of Large Extents and Money Laundry
19:24 January 17, 2019 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Գեղարքունիք | Լոռի | Սյունիք
Under the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated by RA Special Investigative Committee, on 8 June 2007 Aram Harutyunyan, holding the office of RA Nature Protection Minister, demanded from businessman S. H. And received


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