'Akhtala Pre Processing Combine' CJSC Refusing from Its Intention To Construct A New Tailing Dump

'Akhtala Pre Processing Combine' CJSC Refusing from Its Intention To Construct A New Tailing Dump


'Akhtala Pre Processing Combine' CJSC has refused from its intention to construct a new tailing dump for its industrial wastes. The company has submitted a project for the expertise of RA Nature Protection Ministry, which envisages to store the tails in the mines area of the combine's open mine. Nahatak tailing dump, where the combine tails are accumulated, has a life of one year. The project considered the options of making the dam of Nahatak tailing dump higher for industrial wastes and constructing a new tailing dump, which was considered to be non-expedient. The company plans to store the tails of the combine with a capacity of 500,000 tons with an aggregate volume of 3 million tons in the area of the open mine in three stages. In the final stage biological reclaiming will be carried out, then the relief will be recovered and the area will regain its former appearance.

Reminder: still in 2015 'Akhtala Pre Processing Combine' CJSC was planning to construct a new tailing dump in the agricultural land areas of Mets Ayrum and Tchotchkan communities in Lori Region. The locals drastically opposed to the construction of a new tailing dump, and the process was, eventually, suspended.

Now they have given up their intention to construct a new tailing dump mentioning the risks, which may pose as a result of the construction of the tailing dump, 'As a result of this project implementation, additional land areas won't be disturbed, the vegetation in 14 ha of area won't get eliminated and there won't be any impact on the fauna. The riverbed of the Nahatak River won't get changed and ground water won't get polluted. Probable breakdown risks of the tailing pipe will disappear, which may occur due to the complex relief of the area, the leak of industrial wastewater to open basins will be excluded...' The expert examination of the project hasn't still been accomplished.

17:52 September 04, 2017


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