Ardvi Villagers Protected Their “Green” Rights in Their Fight against “Miram” Company

Ardvi Villagers Protected Their “Green” Rights in Their Fight against “Miram” Company


Ardvi villagers, Lori Region, protected their green rights in their fights against “Miram” Company. In 2017 “Miram” Company submitted a project to “Environmental Impact Expert Assessment Center” SNCO of RA Nature Protection Ministry for implementing prospecting works in Shekaghbyur gold and polymetallic minefield. The locals opposed to the planned activities substantiating it with the violations of their green rights.

The violations were conditioned with the following risks:

  • VIOLATION OF RIGHT TO LIVE IN HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT-  pollution of soil, water resources and agroproducts with heavy metals,
  • VIOLATION OF RIGHT TO CHOOSE ONE'S OWN ACTIVITIES – obstacles to agriculture and tourism development,
  • VIOLATION OF RIGHT TO HEALTH – contamination with heavy and toxic elements,
  • VIOLATION OF RIGHT TO PROPERTY -  community-owned land areas shall be handed for the company's project infrastructures,
  • VIOLATION OF RIGHT TO ACCESS TO INFORMATION – the absence of proper notification about public discussions,
  • VIOLATION OF RIGHT TO PARTICIPATION IN DECISION-MAKING PROCESS  - the absence of proper notification about public discussions.

The following actions have been carried out to restitute the rights of the residents:

  • Increase in awareness of green rights among the population by EcoLur Informational NGO.
  • Legal consultation,
  • The residents held two protest demonstrations in Ardvi and Mghart Villages in protection of their right to health and right to live in an healthy environment.
  • With EcoLur’s support, Ardvi residents send letters-petitions to RA Prime Minister and RA Nature Protection Minister with a demand to reject the planned activities. They applied to MPs of the National Assembly elected from Lori Region and received the support of “Yelq” faction.
  • Press releases have been disseminated on these petitions ensuring the involvement of the mass media in Ardvi residents’ fight.
  • EcoLur dispatched an opinion to RA Nature Protection Ministry demanding to reject Shekaghbyur project.
  • Ardvi residents recovered the disturbed landscape in the village area together with the member of Armenian Environmental Front Civic Initiative.


  • Restitution and protection of green rights
  • RA Nature Protection Ministry stopped the expert assessment of Shekaghbyur project and sent back the project submitted by “Miram” LLC.


20:46 March 15, 2018


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