International Expert Reports on Amulsar Project To Be Submitted to Court

International Expert Reports on Amulsar Project To Be Submitted to Court


On 30 November the next court hearing on Amulsar gold mining was held: the ground of this case was the complaint filed by Gndevaz community residents demanding to annul the permitting documents issued to Amulsar project and appoint new environmental expert assessment.

The attendees were Gndevaz community resident Tehmine Yenoqyan and Barrister Hayk Alumyan from the side of the plaintiff and Lydian Armenia Company representative Sayad Badalyan as the third party. The defendant representative from RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources was absent. The court hearing was led by Judge Karen Zarikyan.

Barrister Hayk Alumyan presented the reports of three famous international expert companies  (Blue Minerals Consultancy – Australia, Buka Environmental – the US and Clear Coast Consulting Inc. - Canada) on a number of environmental risks of Amulsar golden project. According to international experts, Amulsar gold project can't be launched, as the assessments carried out by Lydian Armenia are incomplete.

Hayk Alumyan mentioned that a number of circumstances have been added in the grounds of the claim given these reports, but the subject matter of the claim is the same  -  to appoint a new independent expert assessment of Amulsar project.

Judge Karen Zarikyan said that Lydian Armenia Company needs to be given time to familiarize with the submitted documents and to submit its objections.
The date of the next court hearing hasn't been announced. As soon as it is clear, it will be summoned to the parties.
It should be mentioned this litigation launched still in April 2015. Besides Gndevaz residents, 'EcoDar' and 'EcoRight' NGOs were also plaintiffs in this case. Nevertheless, on 30 August Judge Karen Zarikyan ruled to withdraw them from the further process as inappropriate plaintiffs. 

16:07 November 30, 2017


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