Mining Activities Expanded in Syunik Region

Mining Activities Expanded in Syunik Region


Mining activities have been expanding in Syunik Region: in December 2017, 3 projects for polymetal prospectings were submitted for environmental expert assessment, out of which 2 have already been issued a positive opinion. One of them is the geological prospecting project in Soflu-Lernashen polymetalic minefield submitted by 'Premium Mining' LLC, the other is the project submitted by "G Metals Investment Limited" LLC for the EIA of the mining project in the southern part of Dastaker area, Syunik Region.

By 2020 'Premium Mining' LLC will search for polymetals in 7 residential areas of 70.14 km2 of Sisian community – Tasik, Bnunsi, Nzhden, Dastakert, Toruniq, Lori, Shenatagh. "G Metals Investment Limited" LLC will search for polymetals in 405 ha area of Shenatagh and Lori residential areas in Sisian.

Currently, the project submitted by 'PolyArm' LLC of Russian 'Polymetal' Group is undergoing expert assessment, which plans to search for gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc in the area of 295 km2 of 20 residential areas in 3 communities, Syunik Region.

Under the information provided by Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Ministry, as of 1 October 2017, 8 permits had been issued for the geological prospecting of polymetals in Syunik Region and one company had applied for the prolongation of its permit. 35 soil management permits had been issued for the mining of natural resources, out of which 2 had been issued for metallic mines.

16:47 January 12, 2018


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