“Miram” LLC’s Shekaghbyur Mining Project Has Been Sent for Supplementing and Amendments

“Miram” LLC’s Shekaghbyur Mining Project Has Been Sent for Supplementing and Amendments


“Miram” LLC’s project to carry out geological prospecting of Shekaghbyur gold-polymetallic mine area for 2017-2020 has been sent for supplementing and amendments, as EcoLur has been informed by 'Center for Environmental Impact Expert Assessment' SNCO.
Shekaghbyur project has been sent for supplementing and amendments for already the second time. For the first time, the project has been sent for supplementing and amendments after Ardvi Community Residents didn't allow to hold the second public hearings of the project on 26 July 2017.

The second public hearings of the new project wasn't also held on 1 December 2017 as a result of the protest demonstration by Odzun, Ardvi, Maghart, Aygehat, and Arevatsag villagers and environmentalists.

Mghart villagers' opinion, '...We were not aware of the first public hearings, but the village head was supposed to inform us and we have Aldermen's Council elected. We haven't been aware of anything, everything was coded. We are going to fight together with Ardvi residents, which is our neighboring village. Ardvi nature can't be destroyed: it's such a picturesque place, it's a village with famous history. Only after the actions in Ardvi we learned about it...
...As soon as machinery starts digging, the soil will flow to Ardvi, and Ardvi will get lost in the dust.
...We go there, have a rest, our cattle pastures there. If we lose it now, we should resettle, that's it,' Mghart residents said in their interview with EcoLur.
Ardvi residents think, 'The environmental problem remains and it doesn't recognize any borders, the area is the same and it is close both to Ardvi and Mghart, nothing has changed...We are here to fight with these people for our life...'
...The mines are not limited only by Ardvi: they run up to the mountains of Hagvi Village. These mines contain lead, uranium, gold and copper, which have been used by the French. Actually, the danger is high. If we allow developing Ardvi mines, next will be Odzun and then Hagvi... If there are radiation and winds: they don't recognize any state or administrative border. If Ardvi currently has 200 residents, they will all die slowly, while Odzun its 5000 or 6000 residents will suffer from its generations and the rest dozen times. This turns out to be a genocide. We are asking the state officials to stop the disastrous exploitation of these mines and to develop ecotourism.'

19:01 December 15, 2017


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