"Multi Group" Intends to Expand Mghart Gold Mine (Photos)


"Multi Group" Concern LTD intends to expand gold mining in Mghart. In this regard, public discussions will be held at Odzun Rural Municipality Lori Region at 11:00 on 31 January. Mghart mine-affected residential area is Mghart, which is included in the composition of Odzun after the optimization of communities. Optimized Odzun Community Head Arsen Titanyan said in his interview with 'EcoLur' that the company administration talked to him in regard to the mine expansion.

'We were asked to allow holding hearings and we gave our agreement. They assured us they won't take new land areas, but they will expand their works on the land areas they have – 25 ha in one part and 15 ha in another,' Arsen Titanyan said. In reply to the question how the company will expand mining without any expansion of the land areas, the community head responses it will become clear during the hearings. Presenting his viewpoint Arsen Titanyan said, 'The mine already exists, they have an ore processing combine and they don't want any new areas. If environmental problems don't arise, let them work. I am not against it, the rest vests on the specialists.'

The website of RA Nature Protection Ministry still doesn't contain any document on the expansion of Mghart mine. Under the procedure, the project is submitted for environmental impact assessment, in case of the availability of the prior agreement of the community.
"Multi Group" Concern LTD is owned by Armenian MP Gagik Tsarukyan. The company develops Mghart gold mine in an opencast manner, which in recent years the company has been carrying out geological prospecting in different sections of Mghart minefield.

15:04 January 26, 2018


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