Resources of Artsvanik Tailing Dump Limited

Resources of Artsvanik Tailing Dump Limited


There are 11 tailing dumps of the metallic mines in Syunik Region, out of which 7 are operating, 3 are closed down, 1 is non-operating, but not closed down.  This list includes the largest tailing dump in Armenia, Artsvanik, which is owned by Zangezour Copper and Molybdenum Combine. Under the scientific data, the factual volume of the tailing dump is 270 million cum, while 300 million is the projected capacity.

The problem is how long the resources of Artsvanik Tailing dump will be sufficient for the expanded production of 22 million tons of ore annually, which is carried out by Zangezour combine.

Reminder: in case of such scales, Artsvanik tailing dump will annually be filled with 1 million 809.2 thousand of tails. If to take into consideration that the tailing dump is already filled with 212 million tons, this resource will be sufficient for several years only. The combine claims that the resource will be sufficient for 25 years, as the estimated volume makes up 325 million cum.

During the visit of the delegation headed by RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan with the participation of environmentalists and journalists to Syunik Region, Regional Head Vahe Hakobyan expressed the following opinion about the resources of the tailing dump, 'The fullness of Artsvanik tailing dump is up to 70%. Continuous works are being carried out there and this tailing dump still has resources for 20-25 years. Two tailing dumps have long been reclaimed and currently, we are running negotiations and considering their processing, i.e. the processing of the accumulated metals. This project is a wide-scale and expensive project, but now we are discussing it with our European partners.'

As it is known, 1 ha of tailing dump can pollute 10 ha as much area as its own area. Besides Artsvanik tailing dump, Zangezour Combine balance includes small-volume tailing dumps – Voghji, Pkhrout and Daramaz. Geghanush tailing dump with a factual capacity of 4.6 million cum is owned by Kapan ore dressing combine.

Agarak Copper and Molybdenum Combine is simultaneously using 3 tailing dumps in the gorges numbered 1, 2 and 3 and with the total capacity of 47.2 million tons. There is another tailing dump with an unclear status – neither operating nor closed, which is Dastaker tailing dump with the factual volume of 1.5 million cum.

19:47 March 26, 2018


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