Situation in Mghart Village

Situation in Mghart Village

“Ardvi-Lori” Initiative Group

The situation in Mghart Village, Lori Region, connected with Shekaghbyur gold-polymetallic project is escalating. On 1 December 2017, after failing the public discussions of Shekaghbyur project to be held in Mghart, on 3 December “Ardvi-Lori” Initiative Group received an alarm signal from Mghart residents that Miram Company supporters had arrived in Mghart by car with 34 OP 848 car plate numbers (car model: Niva), who tried to secretly shoot seeking to detect those people who speak against Shekaghbyur project.

The person shooting the video was the same person having drilled a hole in the mining area without any permit for Shekaghbyur project. The other supporter of the company was the person having hitten the Azatutyun radio station reporter's microphone instead of answering reporter Karine Simonyan's question on 1 December 2017.

It's evident that currently, Miram Company is trying to impact Mghart Village creating an atmosphere of fear so as the residents don't pose any obstacles for the few supporters of the company who try to put the hazardous project of Shekaghbyur on the agenda.

We, the residents of Mghart, Ardvi, Odzun, Aygehat, Arevatsag residential areas, claim we are one community. We don't want to turn into a mining attachment, which we have already witnessed in Mghart Village, when the mining pollutes the clean resources of the village, its water, air, and soil without bearing any responsibility. We have one common objective to develop our Odzun community with sustainable, long-term and environmentally-friendly economies and won't allow hindering the development of our programs.

17:14 December 04, 2017


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