Tense Situation in Kapan: Kapan Ore Processing Combine Workers Have Been Striking for Over Six Days

Tense Situation in Kapan: Kapan Ore Processing Combine Workers Have Been Striking for Over Six Days


Since 25 May 2018 the employees of “Kapan Ore Processing Combine” CJSC have been on strike. According to the Syunyats Yerkir newspaper, they are demanding to increase the salary by 40%.

On 28 May, 6 employees of Shahumyan underground mine went on hunger strike, which ended on 29 May, but the general strike still continues.

“I receive 160,000 AMD working in the underground mine, but they [the administration] received over 10 million or a bit less...Have you even gone down into the underground mine. You can’t even imagine what kinds of risks working underground pose for our lives. Not safe system of security, miserable state of air conditioning...Eventually, the life of the person working under the ground is not insured,” the miners told the Syunyats Yerkir.
In regard to this situation, “Kapan Ore Processing Combine” CJSC made an announcement on 28 May, which particularly says, “These activities aimed at disrupting the natural operation of the company were not performed in line with the procedure set out in the Labour Code of Armenia. They can’t be considered to be the enjoyment of their rights to organizing strikes and participating in them as set out by the Armenian legislation.”
The company calls for the organizers and participants in the illegal actions against the company to refrain from the steps leading to the deadlock and agree to the proposal on civilized negotiations to find reciprocally admissible solutions.

At the same time, the company informs that the company incurred significant economic damage because of the illegal activities containing elements of sabotage towards the operation of the company and the mass violation of the employments agreements and the collective agreements.

In case of refusing from the negotiations and lodging ultimatums to the company, the company will stop the employment relations with these employees in line with the Armenian legislation, besides that, the company will sue for the compensation of damage.
On 29 May, Vitaly Savchenko, Deputy Chief Executive Officer on Production of “Polymetal” Company and Deputy Chief Executive Officer on Staff Dmitry Razumov received the representatives of regional mass media. In reply to the question on the pay rise, Dmitry Razumov said that the salaries of all employees will be increased by 10% according to the payroll. Ho stated no mass dismissals will take place. As of 30 May, the strike still continues.

15:42 May 30, 2018


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