Vayq Residents Again Boycotted Hearings of “Vayq Gold” LLC

Vayq Residents Again Boycotted Hearings of “Vayq Gold” LLC


The residents of Vayq town, Vayots Dzor Region, again boycotted the hearings of Vayk Gold LLC on November 21 rejecting the company's open-pit operation of Azatek polymetallic mine. We learn about this from the videos disseminated by Vayq Info House page.

In the videos, residents say the company brought people from Sisian with them on buses to give the impression that many people were attending the hearings and that the hearings were normal. "This behavior showed once again the dishonesty of this company," one resident said, "that organization did not pay its employees four years ago. What jobs can such an organization create? Please, dear compatriots, join our struggle."

Reminder: the residents of Vayq community boycotted Vayk Gold public hearings on September 3 as well. In November 2018, the Prosecutor General's Office of Armenia instigated a criminal case on the grounds of illegal extraction of gold, silver and copper from Azatek mine in Vayots Dzor Region by Vayq Gold LLC in the amount of 250 million AMD.

16:52 November 21, 2019


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