“GeoProMining Gold” Company Conceals Information about Objects Posing Risks

“GeoProMining Gold” Company Conceals Information about Objects Posing Risks


“GeoProMining Gold” Company is concealing the information about the objects posing risks and having a certain hazard category. Meanwhile the company is exercising pressure on public and  press who seek to reveal the extent of these risks. On 5th April EcoLur personnel was doing shooting in Ararat Town and its surroundings. They conducted a number of interviews about current ecological risks and influence of plants operating in Ararat on health and environment.  Two of the staff was working in the town itself, while the other two was working in the surroundings of Ararat where the cyanic tailing dump owned by GeoPromining Gold Company is situated. In the course of the shooting a company employee came up to them and said they were in the territory of the company and must leave it if they don’t have any permit. Though the company territory was not marked, EcoLur staff agreed to leave it, nevertheless, the security didn’t let them go and called the police.  “You are trespassers:  this is a strategic object and you will be brought to justice,” said security head.

The police sorted out that EcoLur Staff committed no crime. But here a question arises: why the cyanic tailing dump is called a strategic object and why journalists are not allowed to shoot this object. As a matter of fact, the cyanic tailing dump is not a strategic object, but an extremely hazardous object. In fact, it’s a huge well, which bottom is not insulated from the soil and where the toxic wastes of Ararat gold extraction plant are dumped, which contain processed cyanogen and a huge amount of metals and toxic elements. Such a place requires special attention, i.e.  insulation.  But in reality nothing like this exists, no border designation, no caution signs which say it's hazardous to be there. The ways to the tailing dump are open and it’s no wonder that the security noticed the shooting group working near the tailing dump or next to its territory in the day time (We didn’t manage to sort out where the borders of the company lay, as no maps with borders were submitted either). But it’s easy to imagine that any pasturing animal, or a child or anybody else can approach to it unnoticeably, they may get intoxicated or just fall into the tails and die, as they have no proper information about hazards. 

We don’t exclude that the absence of any measures on ensuring the safety of cyanic tailing dump and the absence of the journalists having shot all that on camera became the concern of the company. We propose GeoPromining Gold Company not to deal with senseless pressure on public, which raises its voice in the support of health and environment and to take urgent measures to insulate the territory, putting caution signs, i.e. to do everything required for ecological safety.

April 07, 2012 at 14:24