'You Don't Have Any Problem'

'You Don't Have Any Problem'

Ruzan Khachatryan, www.irates.am

Several days ago the mass media wrote that 'Miram' LLC is going to develop the gold mine in Ardvin Village, Lori Region. In 2017-2020 it's planned to carry out geological prospecting of natural resources in Shekaghbyur gold-polymetallic mine field area. Ardvi residents are opposed to this decision, they have even held protest demonstrations and addressed a letter to the Prime Minister. According to the mass media, the probable developer of the mine is the Head of RPA Faction in the National Assembly is Vahram Baghdasaryan, who naturally denied this information.

'If they say I'm the owner of its 30%, let them give me this property. Mining activities are standards operations, but it is immoral to relate the mine to me,' the MP said.
After the Q&A session of the cabinet, David Loqyan, Minister of Territorial Governance and Development Ministry, and Vahram Baghdasaryan, Head of RPA Faction in the National Assembly, went out of the hall speaking together and they didn't notice the journalists. The Minister asked, 'Any news from Ardvin?' After having a negative reply, he said, 'You don't have a problem, if the problem is the village head, tell me and I will speak to him to change his mind.' Catching the journalists' looks, they both got silent. If Vahram Baghdasaryan isn't the developer, why does the Minister ask him about the developments and gives 'green' light for him?

18:34 September 15, 2017


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