"Metsamorenergoatom" CJSC Established for Construction of New Nuclear Power Unit in Armenia Being Dissolved


"Metsamorenergoatom" CJSC having been established for the construction of the new nuclear power unit in Armenia is being dissolved: on 29 November the executive approved the draft resolution 'On Vatoring for the Resolution on Dissolving "Metsamorenergoatom" CJSC'. The substantiation of the resolution says, '"Metsamorenergoatom" CJSC was established based on the governmental resolution № 1458-Ն dated on 3 December 2009. 50% of the company shares are owned by Russian 'AtomStroyExport' Company ( a subsidiary of RF 'Rosatom' State Corporation), while the other 50% is owned by the Republic of Armenia. The company had been established to perform the functions of the contractor of the construction of a new nuclear power unit. Nevertheless, as a matter of fact, the company hasn't actually performed any action since its establishment, while the activities of the company have been frozen in the tax bodies since 1 April 2014.' With the adoption of this resolution, it was particularly assigned to Minister for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources to take part on behalf of the Republic of Armenia in the general meeting of "Metsamorenergoatom" CJSC and to vote for the dissolution of the company with its 50% share in the chartered capital owned by the Republic of Armenia.

Reminder, Acting Minister for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Garegin Baghramyan, referring to the construction of a new power unit at the press conference held on 21 November, said, 'I personally think we should continue being a nuclear energy country in the future. There are new modular power units in the international nuclear market which have low nominal capacities and they can be said to be flexible. Such nuclear power plants will be suitable for our system. The production of such modular power units will be launched in 3-5 years and naturally, we carefully follow the prices and how we can introduce such power units in Armenia.'

17:58 December 05, 2018


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