European Commission's Position: ANPP To Be Closed As Soon as Possible

European Commission's Position: ANPP To Be Closed As Soon as Possible


The European Commission acting on behalf of the European Union claims that the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant should be closed as soon as possible:

'Despite a number of reforms carried out in the safety sector of the ANPP over the recent 20 years, including a number of programs funded by international donors, the European Commission thinks that such a reactor cannot be modernized so as to completely comply with the international criteria of nuclear safety.

The position of the European Commission is that the Armenian nuclear power plant should be closed as soon as possible, and, consequently, it doesn't encourage the attempts aimed at the lifetime extension of the power unit since 2016, as the real operational term of the power unit (30 years) has expired.' This is what draft funding agreement entitled 'Promotion of Nuclear Safety in Armenia and Implementation of Proposals on Stress Tests' says which was approved for signing by the Armenian Government on 13 December. The aim of the document is to implement the proposals on stress tests for Metsamor nuclear power plant having assessed by the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG), which will result in the improvement of the ANPP safety level. 'Early closedown of the ANPP and its safe decommissioning, as well as the adoption of a roadmap/action plan in this regard continues to be considered as a main aim and prerequisite for the further cooperation in line with the  Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation taking into consideration the energetic safety of Armenia, as well as the need for alternative sources of energy to ensure the sustainable development of Armenia. The  Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation will only assist in taking measures conditioned with the results of the stress tests, which directly relate to the safety and not the lifetime extension,' the draft agreement says.

The main actions laid down in the document are as follows:

- support to the nuclear operator of Armenia: improvement of the airtightness of the pool for the storage of spent fuel and protective case.

- support to the Armenian Regulatory Authority (ANRA) to improve the level of preparation in case of nuclear and radiation accidents and emergencies, ensuring alternatives for water and electricity supply.

This action is funded by the EU budget in line with the main act – the  Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation. The value of the project is 6,500,000 Euros. You can read the document here (Clause 31).

December 19, 2018 at 14:26