What To Do in Case of Radiation Danger: Residents of Communities Adjacent to ANPP Not Aware of Protection Measures

What To Do in Case of Radiation Danger: Residents of Communities Adjacent to ANPP Not Aware of Protection Measures


The residents of the communities adjacent to the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant are not aware of the measures aimed at the protection from radiation dangers: these are the findings of the studies carried out by EcoLur in 11 communities in Armavir Region.

Over the recent months, EcoLur has visited Armavir and Metsamor Towns, Mayisyan, Mrgashat, Zartonq, Arshaluys, Aknalitch, Artashar, Aratashen, Yeghegnut, Hovtamej communities and had meetings with Armavir Regional Head, community heads, had surveys with over 60 residents. As a result, it has been found out that shelters, guiding posters in case of nuclear dangers and evacuation plans are missing in all the communities. The evacuation plans and posters available at schools are not designed for nuclear threats. Communities and even schools are not equipped with protective measures – the medical points only have iodine. The residents consider school gyms or house basements as shelters with humid and cracked walls and broken windows. The level of awareness is low in all communities. The residents don't know what to do when they will head the signal of a nuclear threat.

EcoLur has carried out an information campaign in the ANPP-impacted communities with the purpose of conveying necessary knowledge to the residents: flyers were posited in rural municipalities, schools and visible public places, which say:


In case you hear 'Attention to everybody, attention to everybody. Nuclear danger is threatening the following residential areas' non-stop alarm

· Don't panic

· If you have a gas mask, wear it, if you don't have it, wear a protective mask or close your respiratory ways with soaked stuff at your hand.

· First of all, you shall wear a gas mask or protective mask, then help your children to wear them.

· Take first aid medications and IDs.

· Take water, food, and things at least for two days with you.

· Quickly hide in the nearby shelter or in any closed building.

· Leave shelters only after you are told to do so on TV, radio and portable microphones.

· Follow the further instructions of the community (village municipality) rescue headquarters.

If you don't manage to hide in shelters, have stayed at home or workplace, then

· Make the area hermetic - close doors and windows and all the available cracks using whatever you have at your hand.

· In case you are in a multi-floor building, quickly go downstairs and find a place in the basement or on the ground floor of the building in case there is no basement.

If you are in a street or open areas

· Hide in a nearby shelter or in the structures designed for near-road brooklets, drainage systems, in different parts of foundation pits, behind barriers and walls.'

16:53 February 19, 2019


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