Worries of Mayisyan Community Impacted by ANPP

Worries of Mayisyan Community Impacted by ANPP


EcoLur continues presenting the series of materials on the residents of impacted residential areas, local active civil society and local government bodies on safety measures related to awareness, preparation in emergencies, and participation in decision-making processes.

We are presenting the results of the studies carried out in Mayisyan community in the ANPP-impact zone on 29 November.

'In 2008, the ANPP and Construction Company took 800 ha from the territory of Mayisyan Community: at that time, I supported this initiative but now I think these land areas shouldn't have been in Mayisyan territory. The ANPP is annually paying around 5.5 million AMD to the community as a land tax and property tax, which is a negligent money for the community and the household. If I didn't receive this money the state would give more subsidies to our community. Now I receive less subsidy as compared with other villages as the land tax and property tax paid by the ANPP have been taken into consideration,' Mayisyan Community Head said.

Mayisyan Doesn't Have Shelters

Mayisyan community, where the ANPP is located, doesn't have shelters with the proper equipment to shelter in emergencies. 'Residents are aware that they shall shelter in their own basements in case of emergencies,' Community Head said.

EcoLur's camera has fixed one of the basements meant as a shelter: it didn't have any protecting and functional significance and couldn't have served its purpose.

There is an outpatient clinic, which has only iodine preparation, according to the community head.

No trainings or measures are organized for the residents: trainings are held only in school and in rare cases for the staff of the emergency groups operating adjunct to the rural municipality.

The elderly representatives of the community consider the knowledge of the population to be insufficient, which was confirmed by one of the residents, 'The residents shall have elementary knowledge to be able to be protected in case of a danger. The older generation has this knowledge to some extent, while the youth are not aware at all.'

EcoLur's surveys showed that the most part of the population is not aware of nuclear and radiation dangers, their consequences and protective actions they should take. In reply to EcoLur's question, what you should do if the ANPP annunciates about a radiation danger, almost all said, 'We will run out of our houses straightforward.'

Speaking about the participation of Mayisyan community in the discussions of the legal acts meant to ensure nuclear safety, the community head informed that the rural municipality is passive in terms of participating in the discussions.

How Mayisyan Lives and Heats

Mayisyan has 2300 residents, out of whom only 15 are employed at ANPP. The residents mainly deal with agriculture, growing vegetables and cattle breeding. They use gas, wood and pressed dung, sometimes electricity to heat their houses.

Problem with Water and Sewage 

Mayisyan has problems bot with drinking and irrigation water: 'We used to use the water of the Sevjur River, now there is no water – the water there is bearly sufficient for Aknalitch and the water doesn't reach us. We have 12 deep wells which help us irrigate 80% of our land areas. I own around 40 ha of area, where there is no water available. Under the governmental resolution, we can drill one new well and repair the another. If these works are carried out, our problem with the water will be solved,' Yesayi Movsisyan noted.

Mayisyan Community doesn't have a centralized system of sewage discharge and a cleaning station.

12:33 December 11, 2018


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