It Is Planned to Construct New Warehouses for Radioactive Wastes and Spent Nuclear Fuel

It Is Planned to Construct New Warehouses for Radioactive Wastes and Spent Nuclear Fuel


Having a small territory Armenia has to find a way out for the safe management
ent and burial of radioactive wastes (RW) and spent nuclear fuel (SNF). In the past, they used to be transferred to Russia for specially designated places. After the blockade of Armenia, they are buried in the warehouses located in the area of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP). On 10 January the executive adopted governmental resolution 3-L 'On Approving Plan-Schedule of Actions Plan and Measures Ensuring Implementation of Strategy on Safe Management of Radioactive Wastes and Spent Nuclear Fuel Generated in the Republic of Armenia'.

Starting from 2019, measures aimed at safe management of RW and SNF will be launched.
The resolution envisages:

1. Establishing a national system of NW registration and supervision. In the frames of the lifetime extension of the ANPP second power unit, the ANPP plans to carry out inventory of the existing and to-be-generated NW and create an electronic system.

2. Based on 'Neutralization of Radioactive Wastes' CJSC, a unified managing organization 'National Operator' CJSC will be established, which will be in charge of NW transportation, recycling, storage in warehouses, burial, selection of burial sites, projecting, construction, the operation of warehouses and burial sites etc.

3. In order to ensure the entire management of all types of NW and SNF, the polluter pays principle will be introduced in Armenia: designated extra-budgetary accounts will be opened.

4. The entire management system of NWs will be modernized.

16:56 January 17, 2019


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