Petition: Tell World Leaders You Demand World without Nuclear Weapon

Petition: Tell World Leaders You Demand World without Nuclear Weapon


206,526 people have signed 'FOR WORLD WITHOUT NUCLEAR WEAPON' petition on 'ATOM' website.

 'ATOM' project. The ATOM Project is an international campaign by the Nazarbayev Center of Kazakhstan. The primary goal of the campaign is to build international support for the abolishment of nuclear testing.

“We have always been running a consistent policy in this field. We closed down Semipalatinsk Test Site, refused from nuclear weapon and in all forums we support the world without nuclear stuff. Now we are actively taking part in all sorts of initiatives and we have our own initiatives. The 'ATOM' project is aimed to make the agreement on comprehensive ban of nuclear testing enter into force as soon as possible,” said Dauren Aben, Senior Research Fellow at Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, in his interview with EcoLur.

The ATOM Project promotes real and sustainable changes through involving people all over the people to unite for the sake of ending nuclear testings thus declaring world leaders that people deserve and demand the world to be without nuclear weapon.

“I would like to call all Armenians to sign the petition on the website of the project and to have their contribution in nuclear-free world,” Dauren Aben said.

Those who want to live in the world without nuclear weapon may sign the petition at  EcoLur joins the petition and calls all to sign this petition.

August 28, 2015 at 14:33