Out-of-Date Nuclear Power Plants Are New Challenge for Global Safety

Out-of-Date Nuclear Power Plants Are New Challenge for Global Safety


Not only Armenia extends the exploitation of out-of-date and worn-out Metsamor nuclear power plant. “Avaaz” global civic organization disseminated a call to stop the exploitation of ageing nuclear power plants in Europe till conducting all examinations and making sure they are safe.
The call says “… Belgium just restarted two ancient power plants, despite the discovery of 16,000 cracks last year in two of the reactors, and a recent explosion at another. They threaten to spark another Chernobyl disaster right in the heart of Europe! 

Last week, nearly 900,000 European Avaazers (note by EcoLur: people having signed Avaaz petition) won a campaign demanding international inspections, and got this dangerous story all over the media…

We are entering a new era of nuclear risk. The 25 oldest nuclear reactors in Europe are close to or past their 35 years of operation. But this is not just a European problem -- nuclear sites in the US, Japan, India, and Russia are facing similar challenges. And an accident anywhere could threaten people everywhere.

For EcoLur’s part we would like to add the global community is worried with the stat of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, the operation life of which has been extended up to 2027. Currently the ANPP has been undergoing examination and maintenance checkups

 (http://ecolur.org/ru/news/nuclear-energy/examination-of-over-4500-item-equipment-to-be-carried-out-by-september-2016/8023/ ).

February 19, 2016 at 14:24