We Need New Policy on Nuclear Energy

We Need New Policy on Nuclear Energy


A roundtable discussion on the issues of atomic energy security in Armenia was held in Yerevan, where the issues of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) were discussed. The discussion mainly focused on the lifetime extension of the second power unit of the ANPP, the burial of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, as well as the possible construction of a new ANPP power unit. The discussion was organized by EcoLur Information NGO.

World trends show that there is stagnation in the field of nuclear energy.

Figure 1. Balanced value of different types of energy

The presented data shows that the measured value of nuclear energy is higher than that of renewable solar, wind, geothermal, as well as carbon energy.

Investment prospects are such that atomic energy is becoming more competitive than renewable energy, as it leads to unavoidable tariff increases.

The modernization of the second power unit of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant is underway. However, the problem of ANPP reactor aging has not been resolved. This is the biggest safety issue for nuclear power plants.

New underground wells drilled for the ANPP are not a sustainable source of water, especially when fish farms continue to overexploit groundwater.


It is necessary:

  • To assess the cost of ANPP closedown, minimizing the costs.
  • To develop a program to create a technology laboratory on the basis of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant for the development of new technologies in the energy sector.
  • Review energy development strategy in favor of renewable energy sources
  • Develop scenarios for the development of a variety of nuclear energy, such as the construction of a new nuclear power unit, lifetime extension of the ANPP, and decomissioning of the ANPP.
  • Establish a special status for communities within a 5-10 km radius of the ANPP that will allow them to raise the level of population security, raise the socio-economic level, and provide them with the necessary protection measures in case of radioactive hazards.
  • Involve civil society in monitoring the implementation of the NPP Roadmap for the decommissioning of the ANPP in accordance with the SEPA Agreement. We propose to review Armenia's energy development strategy, identifying the use of renewable energy sources and the use of new technologies as a priority. Categorize nuclear energy as a separate block and develop a new nuclear energy policy.

September 03, 2019 at 13:57