ANPP Second Power Unit Modernization Works To Continue Still for Two Years

ANPP Second Power Unit Modernization Works To Continue Still for Two Years


"The loan for the nuclear power plant should be extended for another two years, and there will be a deficit of about 6 billion drams in the electricity system. Do we plan to supplement it with a budget loan?" a member of the Prosperous Armenia faction Michael Melkumyan asked the members of the RA Government on November 13.

In response, RA Minister of Finance Atom Janjughazyan said: "We will give it as a budget loan or as a non-budget loan. There is still time until January 2020, which the government can do within its powers as well, depending largely on the size, timing, and conditions under which it is assumed that that problem will be resolved.”

During the hearings of the Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration at the RA National Assembly in early November, RA Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures Hakob Vardanyan stated that the works on ANPP re-equipment which should have been completed on December 31, 2019, will not end based on certain objective and subjective reasons.

There were shortcomings in planning of the re-equipment. In parallel, the government has applied for a two-year extension of the repayment schedule. According to official information, as a result of preliminary discussions, the Russian party has expressed its readiness to extend the loan term, but has not yet responded to the delay of the loan repayment schedule.

17:13 November 19, 2019


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