Fountain Zone of Ararat Artesian Basin Reduced by Half: Specialist in Environmental Law

Fountain Zone of Ararat Artesian Basin Reduced by Half: Specialist in Environmental Law

"Fountain Zone of Ararat Artesian Basin Reduced by Half," as Specialist in Environmental Law Arthur Grigoryan said during the discussion entitled “Environment and Law: Problem of Artesian Water” held on February 19 in Ararat Infotun.

Arthur Grigoryan presented the findings of the research carried out by USAID-funded "Advanced Science & Partnerships for Integrated Resource Development (ASPIRED)" project for 2016-2021.

Ararat Valley catchment area provides about 50% of Armenia's strategic groundwater resources. Between 1984 and 2016, the area with fountain wells was reduced by about 50%.

As of 2016, the actual volume of groundwater abstraction from the basin for various purposes amounted to 1,608.07 million/ m3, which is 60% more than the allowed volume.

50% of the water intake was used for fish farming. In 2016, groundwater intake for fish farming amounted to 4 534.6 million/m3 and 730,145 million/m3 in 2019.

He noted that due to the reduction of water supply in Metsamor-Aknalitch springs group, the irrigation of about 8000 hectares of land in 29 communities of Ararat Valley was endangered in 2014.

The locals who took part in the discussion mentioned that they do not get sufficient water during the irrigation season.

During the discussion, the representative of "EcoLur" Informational NGO mentioned that the problem of the water basin of Ararat Valley directly affects the security of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant. Sevjur (Metsamor) River, which once met the ANPP's water demand, is almost dry. New deep wells are drilled to cool the plant, which cannot be considered a sustainable water resource. Another problem is that fertile lands are left under the fish farms.

"EcoLur" offered to apply to the relevant bodies with a request to carry out a social, economic and environmental assessment of the operation of fish farms, as well as to conduct a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the groundwater of Ararat Valley by the relevant bodies.

February 23, 2022 at 13:14