Aram Harutyunyan Involved as Accused in Bribery of Large Extents and Money Laundry

Aram Harutyunyan Involved as Accused in Bribery of Large Extents and Money Laundry


Under the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated by RA Special Investigative Committee, on 8 June 2007 Aram Harutyunyan, holding the office of RA Nature Protection Minister, demanded from businessman S. H. And received bribes in extremely large amounts
US $14 million equivalent to 4.2 billion AMD for providing 10 special licenses to mine exploration, later for prolonging exploration time limits and solving the matter of receiving mining permits in favor of him.

As a result, the companies owned by S.H. were issued 10 special licenses for mining explorations in different residential areas in Syunik, Lori and Gegharkounik Regions in January-November 2008. In the same period, S.H. withdrew from his bank account US $ 6 million and passed to Aram Harutyunyan through his close friend.

The remaining part of the bribe, US $ 8 million AMD, Aram Harutyunyan had received through banks transfers made to the different account numbers opened in the UAE with the help of his friends, then in order to conceal the real source of the money and to legalize them Aram Harutyunyan transferred the amounts of money to the bank account of an international company in Switzerland, then he organized the gradual transfer of the funds from this account number to the account number of the company dealing with entrepreneurship in Armenia and owned by a close friend to Aram Harutyunyan.

Aram Harutyunyan is now a wanted person.

19:24 January 17, 2019


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