Criminal Case Initiated in Ranchpar Community Based on Illegal Soil Management

Criminal Case Initiated in Ranchpar Community Based on Illegal Soil Management

RA Chief Prosecutor's Office has submitted to Ararat Regional Prosecutor's Office the documents on the violations detected as a result of examinations carried out in Ranchpar Community, Ararat Region, by State Supervision Service.

The investigation of the materials showed that in 2002-2005 in case of 14 land areas having been leased as a result of land area alienation and rent, the documents having been the grounds for the conclusion of the contracts were missing in the community municipality.

Contracts were detected which had been concluded at lower prices than the minimum price set for one hectare as a result of which 4.5 million AMD less money had been paid to the community budget..

It has been found out that in 2006-2007 land areas of special significance were given for rent to 'S..' LLC and AA. S. Private individual towards which an arbitrary approach has been demonstrated: in the same time period, extremely different rent fees had been determined for each hectare for different land areas of special significance, as a result of which in 2006-2019 around 6 million less money had been paid to the community budget.

Besides that, according to the decisions of the community head dated on 03.07.2008, the significance of 0.5 ha of the land areas rented by the aforementioned company and private individual for sand mining was changed to industrial, soi management and other purposes.

The examinations showed that there are numerous mine openings having emerged as a result of river sand mining in different time periods with different lengths and over than 4 meters deep along over 3 km on the left bank of the Aras River. Moreover, the surfaces of these land areas had significantly exceeded the total area of 1 ha provided to the aforementioned company and private individual for mining, soil management, and other industrial purposes.

In 2006-2007, the community head held auctions obviously having a formal nature, as a result of which a relative of the community had obtained around 39 ha of community areas, out of which 6 ha for fish farming, 33 ha for the production of agricultural land areas and 0.3 ha for residential site development. In all the abovementioned cases, the commencing prices in the actions were set in 30-50 percent of the cadastre value of the land areas.

A criminal case has been initiated with the resolution of Ararat Regional Prosecutor based on Article 308(1) and Article 291(2) of RA Criminal Code. The investigation of the criminal case has been assigned to Ararat Regional Department of RA Investigative Committee.

19:01 April 15, 2019


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