Executive Intends to Establish Biospheric Area Based on Sevan National Park

Executive Intends to Establish Biospheric Area Based on Sevan National Park


The Armenian Government wants to establish a biospheric area on the basis on Sevan National Park, as 'Reform and Development Concept Paper for Sevan National Park' governmental draft protocol resolution says, which has been put in circulation.

'The establishment of a biospheric area on the basis of Sevan National Park may increase the awareness of the local population, citizens and state bodies of environment and development and can support fundraising from different sources,' the concept paper says. If the project is approved, it will be the second biospheric area after Zangezour Biospheric Complex.

The concept paper particularly lays down:

  • Development of urban development projects for park areas,
  • Development of renewable energy in the park area, organisation of production (solar energy, affordable biofuel, wind energy, geothermal energy etc),
  • Introduction of waste management system,
  • Construction of a close aquapark complex and open water worlds,
  • Organization of relevant rest forms in line with up-to-date tourism requirements – recreational fishing and underground hunting etc.
  • Production of ecologically clean wild plant species in the park area such as mushrooms, edible plants, tea species and essential oils,
  • Organization of winter sport – skiing, amateur biathlon competition. Establishing relevant infrastructures for the development of sports tourism such as sports bases, skating rinks, skiing slopes, ropeways etc.
  • Construction of a new building in the area adjacent to the littoral area of Sevan Town, in line with contemporary urban development standards and with distinguished architectural style.

It's planned to introduce a system of environmental fees for the water resources used by Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade HPPs, as well as to set an environmental fee for the water usage by SHPPs constructed on the rivers flowing into Lake Sevan and to direct these funds generated from hydropower to the preservation of Lake Sevan and Arpa-Sevan tunnel. The environmental fees generated as a result of using the natural resources of Sevan National Park will also be directed to the preservation of Lake Sevan ecosystem. A new environmental tax will be set for the trade and social enterprises in the areas of Sevan National park in the amount of  0.5-1.0 per cent, as well as progressive inventory tax will be set for the business entities having leased land areas in Sevan National Park and its adjacent areas, but not doing any business.

May 31, 2017 at 17:03