Decision on Taking Additional from Lake Sevan Contradicts Sector-Regulating Legislation

Decision on Taking Additional from Lake Sevan Contradicts Sector-Regulating Legislation


The Armenian Government has started implementing its extremely hazardous program on making money at the expense of Lake Sevan. The government is proposing to add 100 million cum in 2017 to the statutory-set 170 million cum water intake from Lake Sevan. The Government is substantiating its resolution with the increase in the electricity production of Sevan-Hrazdan hydrocascade and increase in irrigation areas:

• The irrigable land areas getting water supply from Sevan-Hrazdan energetic irrigation system will be ensured with sufficient water amount,
• Mechanical water production will be replaced with gravity irrigation and 1.2 billion AMD of electricity expenses will be saved,
• Around 97 million kW electricity will be additionally produced in Sevan-Hrazdan derivation system, and the earnings received from its sale will be directed by 'International Energetic Corporation' to the implementation of targeted investments set by the Armenian Government.
Nature Protection Ministry objected to this project: 'According to the project, additional water outlet of 100 million cum water will result in the lake level decrease by 8 cm – thus violating the annual water positive balance limit set out in RA Law on 'On Approving Annual and Complex Programs for Recovery, Conservation, Reproduction and Use of Lake Sevan Ecosystem'. Nevertheless, given the non-sustainable ecological state of Lake Sevan ecosystem, it's needed to ensure the annual water positive balance set out in RA Law on Lake Sevan. The draft resolution refers to the sector of the environment and in case it's adopted in this version, it will contradict the principles and requirements laid down in sector-regulating legal acts, if the objections of RA Nature Protection Ministry's objections are not taken into consideration,' the objection of RA Nature Protection Ministry particularly says.

Reminder: the Armenian Government intends to carry out additional water intake from Lake Sevan in the amount of 1 billion cum within 3 years.

14:05 June 23, 2017


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